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Specializing in: Time Management, Productivity, and Organization
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Sarah Tetlow
Productivity Strategist, Consultant, International Speaker, Keynote Speaker

Collaborating with my clients to increase productivity,
work more efficiently, and drive business growth.


Boost focus and productivity while growing your bottom line.

Today’s legal environment puts immense pressure on professionals to deliver more efficiently than ever to remain competitive.


If you’re a law firm, an attorney, or a busy professional who would benefit from less stress and more productivity, you’re in the right place. At Firm Focus, we provide you with the tools and training to do just that. 


We offer speaking engagements, interactive workshops, and group training to help your business grow. Speaking engagements are curated and customized to the needs and desired outcomes for each client. Firm Focus works closely with each client to create onsite or offsite workshops to achieve the desired results. We create a dynamic environment that promotes engagement and powerful discussion. We focus our programs to strengthen morale and boost employee culture while adding fun to the learning process.


As a result, firms grow their bottom line while participants experience greater job satisfaction, increase focus and efficiency, and obtain a healthier work-life balance.

“Sarah is an amazing speaker and she offered our group of legal professionals great tips and tricks on time management. She engaged with us and her hands-on approach won us over.”


Jessica Urioste, CCLS Office Manager

Notary Public Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP

Mastering Control of Your Inbox
the ARTT® Email Productivity System

Presentation Topic Overview: 

Imagine a world where your email inbox is a source of calm, control, and productivity. A world where you're no longer drowning in a flood of emails, constantly checking your inbox, and feeling overwhelmed by chaos.


The ARTT® Email Productivity System is a transformative program born out of a simple yet impactful moment.

During a virtual session led by Sarah, the visionary behind the ARTT® System, participants were struck by the serene efficiency of her inbox organization. The spark was lit, and the ARTT® System was born.

In a professional landscape where the deluge of emails seems ceaseless, regaining command over your inbox is a game-changer. The struggle to organize, prioritize, and respond promptly can leave you trapped in a reactive cycle, relinquishing control to your emails rather than the other way around.

There's a way out. If you're one of the countless professionals yearning for a breakthrough, the ARTT® System is your answer. It empowers you with an arsenal of tools to elevate your efficiency and restore your control. The ARTT® System engenders lasting behavioral change, backed by both scientific principles and the proven 5D's productivity philosophy.


This isn't just about managing emails; it's about restructuring your approach to work, giving you the leverage to conquer your inbox and enhance your overall workflow.


After the program, you and the other participants will:

  • Reclaim control over your inbox and break free from the reactive cycle of email management.

  • Learn how to systematically organize, categorize, and manage emails for a calmer and more organized virtual workspace.

  • Learn to leverage scientific principles that align with human behavior to create sustainable habits that boost productivity and diminish email-related stress.

  • Embrace the proven 5D's productivity philosophy and streamline your decision-making process and optimize your email interactions.

  • Develop the skills to not only manage your emails efficiently but to enact lasting behavioral change.

Presentation Topic Overview:  Productivity Strategies to Effectively Manage, Organize, and Prioritize Your Email to Achieve Inbox Zen.

Best For:

Those who are struggling with email overload or those who are seeking to elevate productivity, organization and tech proficiency in their inbox.

Recommended Length: 30 minutes - 3 hours.


"I got so much out of this Inbox Zen session with Sarah Tetlow! It's nice to know that the pressure of #InboxZero is completely unnecessary and unrealistic with the volume of emails we all receive these days. Thanks, Sarah and Firm Focus, LLC!"

- Brenna Liana, Marketing Manager at Withum CPAs

Delegation Image

From Drowning to Driven

Presentation Topic Overview:  Delegation Strategies


Ever wonder how accomplished business owners handle their tasks effortlessly? Despite the perception of having more time, they share the same 24-hour day as everyone else. The secret? Mastering delegation – a skill that turns overwhelm into determination.


Discover the power of delegation through the 5D's principle to accelerate your professional growth. Learn smarter work techniques, harnessing qualified resources and technology.


It’s time to unleash your potential and the potential of your team by identifying tailored delegation strategies. Embrace the journey with peers who recognize delegation mastery as a necessity. Ready to achieve more with less effort? Your transformative journey starts here.

After the presentation, you and the other participants will:

  • Identify why you struggle with delegating to others and what to do about it.

    Learn why delegation is essential for professional and personal growth.

  • Gain confidence that delegation can be easy and pay dividends in return.

  • Feel inspired and motivated to plan ahead, get organized, and trust others to succeed.

  • Get more done and exceed your own expectations.

Recommended for: Busy professionals who struggle to keep up with it all and want to find opportunities to do less in order to get more done.  Ideally, these busy professionals already have team members or assistants they can delegate to; however, that is not a requirement.


"The TORQUE method is a powerful description of how to be an effective delegator.  Thank you for that insight.”

From Frazzled to Focused

Presentation Topic Overview:

Practical productivity and prioritization strategies to plan an intentional workday.

From Frazzled to Focused helps overwhelmed professionals, like you, find more time and accomplish more by creating simple, yet practical, habits and systems to design a proactive and productive workday. You will walk away feeling motivated and eager to apply the learned behaviors to your practice and you will feel prepared to tackle the rest of your workweek without the endless hours.  Embrace a future where productivity meets peace of mind!

After the presentation, you and the other participants will:

  • Possess a better understanding of how multitasking affects your cognitive thinking.

  • Gain insight into practical and applicable strategies to be more productive.

  • Adopt a simple technique to brain dump and prioritize effectively.

  • Reduce the time debt by concretely planning your day.

  • Learn the roadmap to get From Frazzled to Focused.

Recommended for: Professionals who want applicable high-level and tangible strategies to improve time-management and increase work productivity.


"The resources and exercises during Sarah’s presentation were great! She was top-notch and everything was so relatable. Sarah was my motivation for the day. I went back to the office and said ‘I will be productive.’"

- Maggie Lopez, Litigation Legal Secretary, Jones Day

Roadmap in Business

Get More Done Today!

Presentation Topic Overview:

Productivity & Project Management Tools at Your Fingertips

Simplicity is the key to getting more done. With so many productivity applications on the market, it’s hard to know which works best for busy professionals. This workshop covers the fundamental concepts of productivity apps like Trello, Asana, and and explains how and why they work. Learn simple techniques and strategies to boost productivity without having to subscribe to productivity applications. 


After the presentation, you and the other participants will:

  • Identify whether they are left or right brain thinkers 

  • Organize and track their tasks and projects with ease

  • Effectively manage workload with simple techniques without extra management tools 

  • Get more done and exceed their own expectations 


Recommended for: Busy professionals who struggle to keep up with it all and want to simplify their productivity lists, reclaim control, and get more done.


“Sarah, I’ve been a Project Manager for too many years; more than I care to count. This information is fabulous.”

- Susan Schwartz, President, The River Birch Group

Stop Welcoming the Distractions!

Presentation Topic Overview: Controlling Interruptions and Distractions

Your time is valuable, but the distractions never seem to stop. Do distractions keep coming? Or are you letting them happen? This fun and engaging workshop guides you with practical techniques to stop welcoming distractions and interruptions into your already busy days. Participants will learn how to proactively manage time, manage expectations, mitigate interruptions, and finally control those constant distractions!



After the presentation, you and the other participants will:

  • Learn the difference between internal and external distractions.

  • Effectively manage time and regain control of your workday by addressing your most frequent distractions and interruptions.

  • Uncover and address the cultural challenges within your firm that contribute to time wastage.

  • Implement tailored solutions to establish boundaries and set expectations.

  • Reduce stress and anxiety, creating a more focused and productive work environment.

Recommended for: Busy professionals who are chronically pulled away from productive work by frequent distractions and interruptions.


“This was a helpful session. I learned that it's not only the time taken away from my work to read a text on my cell, but also the time to bounce back from the distraction was very insightful! I would participate in (this session again).”

Eliminate Distractions image
Writing at conference

Beyond the Typical Conference Tips
– Planning the Time!

Presentation Topic Overview: Ensuring Conferences are Beneficial and Not Overwhelming

Attending conferences is an important and necessary part of an attorney’s career in networking and continuing education.  Often times, attorneys sit in sessions and multi-task the work at the office.  It’s ineffective.


How can you manage what you need to do at the conference and back at the office most effectively?  This presentation is designed to help attorneys manage the time they have before, during, and after conference most effectively to still get everything done.  Reduce or eliminate the tasks that the “future you” will not do, leaving open brain power for the tasks and projects that are necessary and important.


After the presentation, you and the other participants will:

  • Learn how to manage the work that is still happening at the office while they are at conference

  • Feel more in control of the time investment before, during, and after a conference

  • Learn how to best utilize the time in the moment at the conference efficiently and productively

  • Have the tools needed to apply the strategies and succeed in implementation


Recommended for: First-time, or even frequent, conference attendees who feel overwhelmed before, during, or post conferences and would like tips on how to maximize the time.

From Perfect to Productive

Presentation Topic Overview: Perfectionism

Do you recognize the pursuit of perfection, whether within yourself or your colleagues? Often, imperceptible traces of perfectionism influence our actions – from investing excessive time in tasks to hesitating due to uncertainty. Unveiling and managing these tendencies can fuel personal development and elevate efficiency.  This transformative program offers pragmatic approaches to cultivate constructive perfectionism while sidestepping its hindrances.

This initiative acknowledges that perfection is elusive – and that's perfectly fine. Embark on an enlightening journey to harness positive aspects of perfectionism.

After the presentation, you and the other participants will:​

  • Uncover how perfectionist tendencies may inadvertently hinder your productivity.

  • Cultivate a mindset that embraces imperfection without compromising the quality of your work.

  • Shift your focus from an obsession with perfection to prioritizing what truly matters.

  • Embrace the process and the path, rather than fixating solely on the end result.

  • Appreciate and accept the beauty of being imperfect, understanding that perfection is an unattainable ideal.

Recommended for: Professionals who dedicate excessive time to projects due to perfectionistic tendencies.


“Great presentation. I think if people actually stop to think about it, it will help them be more efficient/less stressed.”

From Perfect to Productive Image.jpeg
Writing at conference

Unlock Your Potential: Creating Confidence!

Inspirational Stories, Practical Strategies, and Actionable Steps

To Feel and Become More Confident in Life and Business

Presentation Topic Overview: Creating confidence through stories, inspiration, and actionable steps.

"Unlock Your Potential: Creating Confidence" offers an immersive program inspired by an upcoming book, guiding you through a transformative journey. This experience helps you shed doubt, fear, imposter syndrome, and procrastination while nurturing courage and boldness.


By taking small, actionable steps toward your goals, you'll turn discomfort into confidence, leading to remarkable achievements and personal growth. Join us to embrace a more confident version of yourself and pave the way for success.

The time for transformation is now. 

After the presentation, you and the other participants will:

  • Uncover the lessons within failures, fueling your journey towards confidence.

  • Recognize discomfort as a catalyst, propelling you towards personal growth.

  • Learn to deconstruct large challenges into manageable steps, initiating a positive chain reaction.

  • Acquire practical exercises for instant implementation in daily life, empowering lasting confidence in personal, professional, and relational pursuits.

Recommended for: Any professional who is seeking to boost their confidence, overcome self-doubt, and unlock their full potential and motivation.



“Great work, engaging material.”

"The resources and exercises during Sarah’s presentation were great! She was top notch and everything was so relatable. Sarah was my motivation for the day. I went back to the office and said ‘I will be productive.’"

- JMaggie Lopez, Litigation Legal Secretary, Jones Day

02-2022-Sarah Telow-Headshot

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We warmly welcome you to reach out to us at Firm Focus and explore our offerings to find the best fit for your needs.

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