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Sarah Tetlow

Founder & CEO

Head Coach

Sarah is an experienced productivity consultant, trainer, and speaker for attorneys and other busy professionals.  She uses her past experiences, organizational and strategic thought process, education, and training to help law firms improve their bottom line and operate more efficiently.  More importantly, Sarah’s clients see a reduction in stress and anxiety and an increase in focus and new business.  Through one-on-one consulting, strategic planning, workshops, and group trainings, Sarah works with attorneys, law firms, and busy professionals to find personalized ways in which to manage one’s day with a proactive and focused approach.  


Sarah is also the creator of the ARTT® Email Productivity system and course.  The ARTT® course has helped hundreds of professionals gain control of their email, mitigate using email as a distraction, effectively track important communications, and reduce stress and anxiety.  It helps email users understand their human habits connected to the technology to effectively organize their inbox.  ARTT® Graduates have reported an increase in responsiveness and revenue. The ARTT® course is available at and Sarah is also available to lead private ARTT® system trainings.


Through Sarah’s passion for focused work and her unique and sympathetic coaching approach, she creates a partnership with her client that warrants learning and changed behavior.  

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Firm Focus Coaches

Kate Ahern


Kate Ahern, J.D., LL.M., guides lawyers on time management, priorities management, burnout, and the related impact of gender bias and other external pressures.  Kate’s on a mission to change the burnout-inducing culture of the legal industry, make legal practice do-able and available to everyone, and boost diversity and well-being in our profession.  She is also a former law professor, AmLaw200 attorney, and transactional lawyer (and generally more fun than her LL.M. in tax might otherwise suggest).  

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Audrey Holst


Audrey Holst works with top performers to create a healthier and more sustainable relationship with their work and productivity. She specializes in perfectionism, procrastination, anxiety, and stress. She’s the founder of the Fortitude & Flow® Process which fuses neuroscience and embodied practices to create sustainable transformation. Her work goes beyond mindset and addresses work challenges at their root cause.


Firm Focus Amazing Support Team

Julie Lopez

Executive Support Manager

Julie is the Executive Support Manager at Firm Focus.


With a background of over 25+ years in legal support, small business ownership, and photography Julie brings a unique combination of experience and skills to her role within our team.  No task is too big or too small. She is passionate about learning new software platforms that help us streamline, scale, and succeed. 


When she’s not helping Firm Focus thrive you can find her at the Oregon coast (favorite place in the World), gardening in her backyard plot, or listening to her favorite bands play live. Julie lives in Portland, Oregon with her black cat, Eden.

 Julie Lopez

Steffani Ellison

Executive Assistant

Steffani is the Executive Assistant to Sarah Tetlow at Firm Focus.

Matthew Crofoot

Web Development, Technical/Marketing Strategy

Matthew got his first computer and learned to program at 8 years old and has been loving technology every day since. Starting with lemonade stands, he has created many businesses over the years.  This dual passion led him to complete his Business degree from Boston University with majors in Information Systems and Marketing.

Matthew has over 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and consultant partnering with small and medium sized businesses to build websites, databases and help solve their technology and business problems. He has a gift for being the perfect bridge between the business and technology worlds and speaking both languages fluently and in a way that people can actually understand.

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Let's Work Together

Are you curious about how to become more focused?  


We warmly welcome you to reach out to us at Firm Focus and explore our offerings to find the best fit for your needs.

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