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Learn to Do More, By Doing Less - Effective Delegation Tools

Download this free ZIP file containing the following resources to help you Learn to Do More, by Doing Less!

Stop Welcoming the Distractions Templates

Download this free ZIP file containing the following resources to help you stop welcoming distractions in your day.

The Unavoidable Meeting

A Checklist to Ensure Efficient and Truly Necessary Meetings

Interruptions and Distractions Log

Mitigate Interruptions and Distractions by Identifying Your Biggest Culprits with this easy-to-use tracker

Response Time Worksheet

A way to track your response time with your most important collaborators.


My Distractions and Interruptions

A worksheet to help identify distractions and come up with a plan.

Productivity Apps Comparison Chart


All of the productivity apps on the market can really create a Pain in My App!  Too often we get a referral for a productivity app we should be using (Trello, Asana, Evernote, Todoist, Airtable), download the app, and end up abandoning it because it is overwhelming or does not have the functionality we need for our precious tasks and projects.  It would be absurd to purchase a new vehicle without first identifying what needs are important for our livelihood.  Choosing a productivity app to store your ideas, thoughts, strategies, tasks, and projects is no different.   


The Firm Focus Productivity Apps Comparison Chart provides the user with the preliminary questions to consider before investing time and money into a productivity app.  Download the chart today and feel free to reach out to Sarah at Firm Focus if you have further questions about any of these apps or on how to best identify your learning style. 

90 Days Before Trial Checklist (with Supporting Examples)


Whether your law firm has a trial almost every month, or you are heading into a trial for the first time in years, it is always most efficient to have a trial checklist.  What should you be focusing on 90-days out from trial or longer?  60-days before trial?  The week of trial?  Download your free Trial Preparation – Quick Reference Checklist, Detailed Checklist, and supporting Examples.  Start using the Microsoft Word® version documents today to customize for your upcoming trial.  You’ll be automatically signed up to receive productivity tips from Firm Focus.

Sample Client Relationship Tracker


Keep track of those important relationships with this Sample Tracker Google Spreadsheet.

Let's Work Together

Are you curious about how to become more focused?  


We warmly welcome you to reach out to us at Firm Focus and explore our offerings to find the best fit for your needs.

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