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Robyn Christo, Esq.

Epstein & Holtzapple LLP

“…she now has more control of her inbox and has more time to focus on other tasks and projects.” 

“Robyn sees the benefit in being able to capture billable time while managing emails through the ARTT System folder system.”

“She now feels as though time expanded and she can do so much more during the day and on the weekends. She doesn’t feel like she is running in a hamster wheel and constantly handling her work emails.”


Nelly Spieler

Assurance and Advisory

Frank Rimerman, CPA

“I cannot recommend Sarah and her ARTT system enough! Her system is easy to understand and implement. I have been able to keep my in box under control AND not miss important "to do's" and responses that could easily get lost. I took Sarah's webinar and then hired her for one-on-one coaching/clean up sessions. She really knows how to hone in on what's important to her individual clients. I send people Sarah's way and always look forward to working with her -- I know I'll get something valuable out of every interaction.”

“Bring whatever productivity issues you are dealing with to Sarah.  She helped me say no to activities that no longer interest me, to focus my attention on high priority tasks, and to feel more comfortable walking away from the office at the end of the day.  Thank you, Sarah”

Corrine Bielejeski

Corrine Bielejeski, Attorney

East Bay Bankruptcy Law

“I began working with Sarah to improve my business development at the firm. During our six months together, Sarah helped me improve my messaging, strengthen existing and new relationships, and encourage me to expand my networking efforts. I'd highly recommend Sarah to any attorney who needs accountability and wants to "find more time" to develop their book of business.”

 - Christopher “CRU” Ulrich

Associate at Murphy, Pearson, Bradley & Feeney

"I was impressed that you were able to create a very open and supportive environment where attendees are free to learn new techniques and tools with the encouragement of like-minded people. You were a fantastic facilitator and delivered the workshop in a fun and yet professional manner. Thank you!"

- Shannon Quigley, President Santa Clara County Legal Professionals Association

Legal Assistant Law Office of Janet L. Brewer

From Frazzled to Focused, SCCoLPA

Let's Work Together

Are you curious about how to become more focused?  


We warmly welcome you to reach out to us at Firm Focus and explore our offerings to find the best fit for your needs.

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