"The resources and exercises during Sarah’s presentation were great!  She was top notch and everything was so relatable.  Sarah was my motivation for the day.  I went back to the office and said ‘I will be productive.’"
- Maggie Lopez
Litigation Legal Secretary Jones Day
From Frazzled to Focused, SFLPA

"Loved that [Clayton and Sarah] shared real tips and tricks they use everyday.”
- Attendee
Pain in My App, Legal Marketing Association, Tech West Conference

"I was impressed that you were able to create a very open and supportive environment where attendees are free to learn new techniques and tools with the encouragement of like-minded people. You were a fantastic facilitator and delivered the workshop in a fun and yet professional manner. Thank you!"
- Shannon Quigley
President Santa Clara County Legal Professionals Association
Legal Assistant Law Office of Janet L. Brewer
From Frazzled to Focused, SCCoLPA

"Sarah is an amazing speaker and she offered our group of legal professionals great tips and tricks on time management. She engaged with us and her hands-on approach won us over. I highly recommend Sarah and her company, Firm Focus."
- Jessica Urioste, CCLS
Office Manager / Notary Public
Brewer Offord & Pedersen LLP
From Frazzled to Focused, SCCoLPA

"Thank you again for such a wonderful presentation today. You can see from the evaluations that you hit a home run with our group."

- Steven M. Morris, CLM, SPHR

Director of Administration, International Law Firm

From Frazzled to Focused, ALA

"Thank you, Sarah. The size of the crowd was a testament to how timely and relevant your topic and the chord it struck; we don’t have a full house for every presentation!"

- J. Ellen Pace

Senior Administrative Operations Manager, International Law Firm

From Frazzled to Focused, ALA

"Sarah is a productivity expert. She can and does provide attorneys with the tools needed to increase billable hours and reduce wasted activity. I recommend her productivity training to anyone looking to increase efficiency in the legal workplace."

- Nicholas Larson

Advocate | Negotiator | Attorney at Law

Efficiency Over Breakfast, MPBF

"From Day 1 at MPBF, Sarah personally provided me with valuable insight on ways to help improve my business development and strategies for remaining marketable to clients. At MPBF, Sarah led valuable educational seminars that provided legal staff and attorneys with tips on efficiency, productivity, time management, and work product. As a legal professional herself, Sarah has insight on the legal industry and is able to provide advice on the 'internal' elements that help keep firms running smoothly. Moreover, Sarah also has a keen awareness of the "external" factors bearing on legal professionals which she skillfully addresses with her learning sessions. I look forward to continue working with her, and highly recommend her."

- R. Mick Rubio

Senior Associate Attorney at Clausen Miller P.C.

Efficiency Over Breakfast, MPBF

"Great presentation by the way. I think if people actually stop to think about it, it will help them be more efficient/less stressed. You’re going to have to do a presentation on PowerPoint next!"

- Nathan Jackson

Attorney at Liebert Cassidy Whitmore

Efficiency Over Breakfast, MPBF

"I had the pleasure of working with Sarah for nearly two years. Sarah worked with me on business development and focused on productivity and efficiency training. Sarah is thoughtful, extremely organized and is great with helping people improve their productivity. I have had personal training sessions with her and I have attended her firm-wide efficiency trainings. Her trainings are useful, easy to implement, and she works well with all experience levels."

- Tarah Powell-Chen

Corporate Counsel, Privacy and Marketing at Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Efficiency Over Breakfast, MPBF

"Sarah has a knowledgeable eye for marketing, productivity, and efficiency. And she graciously shares her expertise in an engaging and memorable way. Sarah gave me tailor-made tips, which were easy to put into action, and revolutionized my approach on organization. Beyond informative one-on-one discussions, she imparted her expertise at firm-wide presentations in an equally effective manner. Long after her presentation, I still have her takeaways engraved on my mind."

·  Daniel Vaknin

Associate Attorney at Macdonald | Fernandez LLP

Efficiency Over Breakfast, MPBF

"I had the pleasure of working with Sarah for over a year. Sarah and I worked together on business development, client outreach, and how to improve productivity and efficiency in the office. I cannot speak highly enough about Sarah's positive impact on the office. She was always extremely well organized, very knowledgeable developing targeted business development strategies, and she made a great impact on improving my productivity overall and the productivity of our entire law firm. Whether it is in a one-on-one session, or leading a presentation in front of the entire company Sarah's message was always well received, impactful, and lasting. She is a great resource for anyone looking to improve efficiency, and productivity in the workplace, or who is need of new, inventive, ideas on business development."

- Pat Gillespie

Associate Attorney at Murphy, Pearson, Bradley & Feeney

Efficiency Over Breakfast, MPBF