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Executive productivity coaching is a one-on-one approach to personal and professional development that is aimed at gaining self-awareness and achieving your development objectives.  Through our consulting and coaching programs, Firm Focus provides a sounding board, challenges thinking, addresses barriers and adds accountability. Benefits include a fresh perspective on personal challenges, external interruptions, internal and external distractions, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. In many cases, coaching is also used to increase effectiveness for top performers. Our programs can take place in person (subject to change with current CDC guidelines), via video chat, or on the phone.


6-Month Individual Coaching Program


Studies have shown that burnout appears around the 90-day mark during coaching engagements.  To promote effective and long-lasting change, I have prescribed a minimum six-month relationship with my clients, which has proved successful for growth and habitual change.

Our engagement will start with an initial 90-minute kickoff strategy session to develop a personalized action plan.  The comprehensive plan is designed to identify the common and unique productivity challenges in your workday, prepare a customized (and evolving) roadmap for the partnership, implement accountability techniques to help you control your distractions and mitigate interruptions, and establish measurable goals and progress (90-minutes)


For the next 6 months...

  • Every week, we will meet for 25-minutes (or bi-weekly for 50-minutes if necessary) over Zoom or in-person.

  • Following many of the sessions, you will be challenged to make a minor habitual change to your practice to promote growth and increased productivity. 

  • During the weekly sessions, we will discuss the changes, make adjustments as needed, and continue alter the roadmap. 

  • Between sessions, I welcome you to connect with me via email or phone for personal issues or questions related to the scope of work.

  • 24-weeks of customized and collaborative coaching and accountability designed to enhance focus, achieve goals, and generate revenue.

Every professional experiences different challenges as it relates to working efficiently.  In some cases, our time together may focus largely on improving management of email.   Other professionals may need help identifying priorities, learning to delegate, managing a reactive workload, or finding ways to work with a micro-manager.  Because each professional is different and because each firm is different, each coaching program will look different since it is customized to the client’s needs.  

My goal is to be your accountability partner, your growth partner, and to help you succeed in reaching short and long-term goals and effectuating healthy change in how you approach (and finish) your workday.  Throughout our engagement, I will remain active and available.  In exchange, I ask my clients to answer: Are you ready to put in the work and make the changes to help you accomplish more, gain more time for personal activities, and experience less stress?  If so, let’s get started.


The most successful group coaching is capped at five participants within the same company and with similarly situated experiences (i.e. same team, practice group, level within the firm).  A 3-month minimum engagement is recommended to foster change and growth amongst the participants within the group.

3-Month Small Cohort Consulting and Coaching Program


Our engagement will start with an initial 90-minute kickoff session in-person or via Zoom.  The focus during this meeting is to identify the common and unique productivity challenges that the group experiences, implement accountability techniques to help the group control distractions and mitigate interruptions, explore achievable changes to encourage a team approach to the workday, and establish measurable goals and progress (90-minutes)


For the next 3 months...

  • Concise DiSC assessment profile for each group participant (a copy will be provided to the attorney and to the firm upon request). 

  • Bi-weekly (twice a month) scheduled group Zoom calls for 55-minutes:

    • During each call, we will deep dive into a new topic related to increasing efficiency.  Examples of topics include meetings, habits, email, organization, mindfulness, time-blocking, distractions, and more.

    • Consideration of any firm, practice, or team challenges to the techniques will be diagnosed and solutions suggested.  (Personal challenges will be discussed during the one-on-one discussed below)

    • The group will receive a reference sheet following the call when applicable.

  • Each member of the group will also get an additional 60-minute private coaching call per month.  

  • Between sessions, I welcome the group to connect with me via email or phone for personal issues or questions related to the scope of work


Today's legal environment puts pressure on law firms to deliver faster and more efficiently in order to remain competitive.  Our workshops are highly interactive and customized to meet the needs and desired outcomes of each individual client.  Firm Focus works closely with stakeholders to create onsite or offsite workshops that will achieve the desired results while creating a dynamic environment that promotes engagement and powerful discussion.  We focus our programs to strengthen morale and build an ideal cultural environment while adding fun in the learning process.


Motivational Speaker for Legal

Leave your audience impressed and inspired with a motivational presentation focused on legal industry trends as they pertain to restructuring your organization for success.  Sarah Tetlow is an entrepreneur with a background as a Paralegal and Legal Marketing Director.  She uses her experience and understanding of the industry to connect with diverse audiences delivering key tools specifically targeted for the audiences she is speaking to.

Change it up at your next event with a fresh perspective and one-off learning opportunity.  Reach out to Sarah today for more details on her speaker topics.

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