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Increase productivity, reduce stress, and drive business growth.



One-on-One Productivity

Coaching & Consulting

for busy professionals

Ready to save time, stress less, and be more productive? 

One-on-one productivity coaching is designed to help professionals like you increase your productivity, confidence, and billable hours. Whether you are a partner or an associate, coaching provides the tools to help you work smarter and stay in control. Through individualized coaching, you can learn how to efficiently use your time and accelerate your career and personal goals without sacrificing sleep. 

The Problem

You are a successful professional and find yourself “crazy busy”. You spread yourself out too thin and can’t keep up. You are burnt out and overwhelmed. You find yourself completing a lot of the little things, but you can’t focus on the bigger picture goals.

The emails never seem to end. You find yourself constantly checking your phone. You have a hard time identifying demands vs. priorities. It’s hard to control and juggle all the work being expected of you from your clients and colleagues. You want to become more productive, but you have no idea how.

Three Plan Options

You can choose from these three plans. 


Can’t decide?  

Let’s review your goals and I’ll help you pick the best plan for you.

The Solution

One-on-one productivity and personalized coaching plans help tackle your internal and external productivity barriers. Whether it is increasing your productivity and billable hours, reducing your stress, and/or driving business growth, I can help. Let’s discuss the best plan for your needs. 

While I am an expert in productivity and systems, you are the expert of your life. Together, we can blend our expertise to design a better life for you. 

Let's Work Together

Schedule a complimentary 20 minute discovery call and find out how 
you can get more focused today.
out how 

The Benefits

  • Less distractions so you can focus on work that you care about

  • Increase your presence in your firm

  • Establish healthy work habits

  • Set boundaries and priorities

  • Prevent and avoid burnout

  • Increase billable hours

  • Work smarter, not harder

  • Have work-life balance

  • Accomplish more in less time

  • Reduce stress

What is included in the productivity coaching plan?

  • Initial 50+ Question Self-Assessment to identify your strengths and the challenges you experience.

  • 90-minute kickoff strategy session to take a deep dive and understand your goals and current work environment.

  • Personalized plan. No one is the same. You deserve an action plan that fits and works for you. 

  • Private weekly meetings with someone who pushes and wants you to succeed and holds you accountable.

  • Bi-Weekly Group Accountability Meetings for extra expert tips and strategies as well as support and accountability from other members in the Firm Focus community 

  • Roadmap to keep you on track towards your goals.

  • Thinking Challenges to sharpen your mindset and recognize your full potential.

  • Productivity Challenges to help you overcome distractions and increase your productivity.

  • Worksheets designed to get you checking off to-do lists in no time.

  • Workflows & Systems created to fit your unique schedule.

Your time is valuable.
Get your time and life back today.

What Clients Are Saying:

Commonly Asked Questions

What makes you different from other productivity coaches? 


Hello, I am Sarah Tetlow. I have 15+ years of experience in the legal industry. I have seen first hand how long the days are and how stressful the workload can be.  I started Firm Focus to help busy professionals become more productive, be more organized and do their best work.  The entire business is focused on helping busy professionals, like yourself, succeed. 

Is coaching in person or virtual? 

Currently, all coaching sessions for busy professionals are held via Zoom.  In-person meetings can be discussed on a case-by-case basis and in accordance with current CDC Guidelines.

Why is the 6-month training recommended? 

Studies have shown that burnout can appear around the 90-day mark during coaching engagements. To promote effective and long-lasting change, a minimum six-months of coaching is recommended, which has proved successful for growth and habitual change. 


Which plan would work best for me? 

Every professional has their own unique plans and timeline for their career or personal goals. If you are not sure about yours, schedule a call with me here to talk about your concerns and goals so we can choose the right plan for you. 

To review your goals, or for any more questions, email me to schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation.

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