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Procrastinating vs. Procrastinator

Are you procrastinating on something right now?  The chances are high that you are since everyone procrastinates, and 20% of you are likely chronic procrastinators. 


Everybody procrastinates.  You are likely procrastinating on something right now. 

What is it? 

Why do you think you're procrastinating on it?

It is often because of:

  • Lack of skills or lack of motivation.

  • Fear of failure or fear of success.

  • It's boring or too big of a project.

According to Dr. Joseph Ferrari, a leading expert on procrastination, we all procrastinate and 20% of people are chronic procrastinators.  They will always arrive late, forget to respond, and ignore deadlines...and they will often make excuses for it.

So, are you one of the 20% of people who is a chronic procrastinator? 

Or are you just procrastinating on something?

For those who are not chronic procrastinators, give yourself forgiveness.  While you might be delaying working on that audacious project, you will likely still get it done.  At this very moment:

  • Identify what it is. 

  • Ask yourself, "What is my next action on that project?" 

  • Then set a timer for 20 minutes and take the first step.  

You've got this!


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