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The ARTT of Effectively Managing Your Email

To Support a Successful Law Practice

Sarah M. Tetlow, Founder of Firm Focus

The average office worker receives over 120 emails per day, according to an article in Harvard Business Review.  Each email is communicating something to the recipient: an important project, a question, a solicitation, or an urgent need.  Leaving the messages in your inbox, relying on “read and unread” to help you prioritize them, is ineffective and leads to lost revenue, lost time, missed opportunities, and increased stress.

Each of those emails consist of priorities neglected, assignments forgotten, and essential communication commingled with spam and solicitations. Email has transitioned from a communication tool into something that demands our constant attention and defines how to spend our time in our practice.


There is a better way.


The ARTT Email Productivity System has been successfully implemented by lawyers, doctors, marketing executives, and other professionals.  Created by Sarah Tetlow of Firm Focus, the ARTT System guarantees you will be more responsive, more organized and finally be at peace with your email inbox so you can focus on your high priority tasks.  Learn how to apply the ARTT System by accessing a copy of The ARTT of Effectively Managing Email  to Support a Successful Practice. 

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