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A.R.T.T. Email Productivity System

The A.R.T.T. Email Productivity System Workshop will help you take control of your inbox and let you decide how YOU want your day to go. No more working against a never-ending email to-do list. It is time for you to master the A.R.T.T. of email. 


How will the ARTT System Workshop benefit you?

  • Implementing a new mindset to interact and use emails as a tool, not a to-do list 

  • New framework to take control of your emails 

  • Using A.R.T.T. to upgrade your email flow 

  • How to prioritize and organize emails to fit your schedule 

  • How to never forget or lose important emails 

  • How to redesign your calendar to use your time efficiently without burning out 

Only $485.00 to upgrade your relationship with email FOR LIFE 

What ARTT Graduates have to say

What does the package include?

  • Two Hour Workshop hosted by me, Sarah Tetlow, Productivity Expert

  • A mindset shift creating a healthier and fresh start relationship with your email

  • Guaranteed reduction of emails in your inbox after applying the ARTT System strategy

  • Detailed instructions on how to automate and simplify your emails 

  • One-hour private session to personalize the ARTT System and achieve your unique goals

Note: Space is limited due to the intimacy of the Workshop.  Attendees must be ready for a change and a healthier relationship with email to be successful at implementing the ARTT System strategies

Ready for a healthier relationship with your email? 

Choose your favorite day below to get started:

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

9:00 – 11:00 am pt

But HURRY, space is limited!

Booking a Private Training on the ARTT Email Productivity System

The A.R.T.T. Email Productivity System is available as a one-on-one training or for small and mid-sized groups.  For best results from the program, attendees are encouraged to plan for a minimum of a two-hour training and private sessions for full implementation.   It is recommended that each attendee of the ARTT System Workshop also receive a private 60-minute training to fully implement. 

Contact Sarah Tetlow for more information or to book the A.R.T.T. Email Productivity System for yourself, your team, or your company.

Note: Some of the techniques discussed are best utilized with Microsoft Outlook; however, it has been used successfully with G-Suite users as well.  Also note that attendees are encouraged to bring their computers to the session to implement changes immediately.